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4th November 2019

🙏 We’re humbled by the response and the demand for Konsultrapporten. We simply can’t keep up with the demand when you sign up for it – so here it is, no sign up required (but comments and likes on this post are of course much appreciated). 😍

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31st October 2019

Looking for a new gig? Share your professional profile in Brainville today and then share it on LinkedIn and we’ll give you Boost for 7 days!

Happy Halloween
17th October 2019

Finally the new edition of “Konsultrapporten” has been released. 🙂

Get your own copy by signing up here:

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24th September 2019

🧐 Curious about which consultants and what skills are in demand and where? Read about the latest trends and statistics in the Nordics in our upcoming edition of “Konsultrapporten”. Get it before everyone else by signing up on LinkedIn with a positive comment in a language of your choice – we’ll send it to you when it’s released! 👍

Nätverksträff med Brainville och Nordnet
19th September 2019

Varmt välkommen på mingel, nätverksträff och att fira in rapportsläppet av nästa Konsultrapporten med oss!Tisdagen den 15 oktober klockan 17.00 bjuder vi in dig som Brainville-medlem till höstens första nätverksträff med Nordnet Business Group.

Vi bjuder på dryck, snacks, härligt sällskap och så klartmassor av inspiration inför hösten!

Anmälan: anmäl dig till senast den 7 oktober.
Uppge ditt namn, företagsnamn och skicka med länken till din Brainville-profil (konsult- eller företagsprofil) i ditt mejl.
Plats: Nordnet Bank, Alströmergatan 39, Stockholm (T-bana Fridhemsplan)
Datum: Tisdagen den 15 oktober
Tid:ca 17.30 –19.30 (mingel från 17.00)

Kom och mingla och träffa andra företagare, lyssna på och bli inspirerad av Carl-Oscar Lawasczeck, vd och grundare på det banbrytande och omtalade företaget OceanSky Cruises. I våras släppte OceanSkyCruises biljetterna till den spännande premiärturen i deras lyxiga luftskepp Airlander 10. Expeditionen går från Svalbard till Nordpolen och förväntas äga rum om bara några år, 2023. Carl-Oscar finns på plats och berättar om hur OceanSky med innovativa idéer och ny teknik kommer att revolutionera flygbranschen.

Nordnets pensionsexperter finns också på plats under hela kvällen och guidar dig igenom vad du som företagare behöver ha koll på kring dina pensionsavsättningar och hur du enklast kommer igång.

Den 15 oktober släpper vi även nästa utgåva av vår populära Konsultrapporten –Brainvilles vd, Manuel de Verdier, finns på plats och berättar mer om rapporten och de färskaste spaningarna från konsultmarknaden.

Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig på plats. Varmt välkommen!
/Brainville & Nordnet

9th September 2019

Last week we were trying to get our new office together – here’s a little sneak peek of Nils, Magnus and Robert settling in. From now on you’ll find us on Kocksgatan 50 in Stockholm, please feel free to stop by and say hi!

22nd August 2019

It’s not a fit for everyone, yet, many of us share the dream of running an own business. But how do you get started then? Where do you actually start, you know, hands on? No worries, just sit back and relax and we’ll guide you through the basics of starting your own business!

Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash

First things first though, our main market is Sweden and Brainville is a Swedish company. Thus, in this article we’ll focus on how you get started in Sweden. The rules and regulations that are mentioned here are applicable in Sweden, so in case you’re living abroad you should of course check up the relevant rules and regulations over there. 

Start your own business – sole trader

There are several forms of business enterprises you can choose to register in Sweden: sole trader, starting a limited company, a trading partnership or an economic association. However, if you’ve never run a business before, starting off as a sole trader might just be a suitable starting option for you. This way, you’ll be able to get a hang of things in your own pace and see if entrepreneurship is a suitable fit for you.

As a sole trader, you can choose to just register for tax with the Swedish Tax Agency. All other forms of business enterprises have to be registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket), before they are authorized to start their operations. 

Running a business as a sole trader

So, what does running your business as a sole trader mean then? Well, it means exactly that: you run your business and are also fully responsible for it as a private person. No starting capital is required when you register as a sole trader, which contributes to the popularity of this form of business enterprise. 

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

It should be added though that you can’t just start a business as a sole trader for any hobby of yours. The Swedish Tax Agency will expect you to work in order to create a profit and aim for clear business goals in your company. 

When starting your business in Sweden, there are two websites that you will visit frequently: and At, you’ll pretty much find all the information you need in one place plus lots of useful links to where to go in case you need to register somewhere else. Start here by logging in to Skatteverket and register as a new business enterprise. (Don’t worry if if feels a bit overwhelming, you’ll soon receive more government information than you even knew you needed;)).

Money, money, money….

In conjunction with starting up as a sole trader, you also need to apply for F-tax (F-skatt) and VAT registration (moms). Remember what we mentioned about hobbies above? In order to keep your F-tax and VAT registration, you’ll also need to show the Swedish Tax Authority that you’re serious about your company and that you are able to run a business. Business owners that may have started a business as a sole trader when they perhaps ought to have kept to their hobbies instead, run a risk of losing their F-tax. Thus, think twice about your motives and ambitions before you start! 

Where applicable, you might also need to register as an employer with the Swedish Tax Agency. Once approved and registered, your business will be identified with your Swedish social security number. 

Registering a name for your business is optional when you’re a sole trader. However, in case you’ve got ambitions (which we dare presume you do) you’ll probably realize that registering your name with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) is a good idea, as it grants you exclusive rights to the name in the country where you will be operating. 

These are the basic steps that you need to do when you get started here in Sweden. Luckily, Sweden is a very startup-friendly community so there are also lots of free courses, webinars and government arranged information opportunities you can attend and dive further into the details applicable to you. for example arranges “Start your own business” days on a regular basis. During these opportunities, government representatives from government functions such as Skatteverket, Bolagsverket, Försäkringskassan, to name a few, are present and can answer questions. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Please note though that no Swedish governments are allowed to give any personal advice to you! In case you’re confused and need more in-depth help, we’d advise you to seek help from a trusted advisor within the area concerned. 

We hope that this clarifies how and where to get started. Any other business or freelancing questions you’d like to ask us? Do let us know!

/Your Brainville team

11th June 2019

Brainville, the Nordic region’s leading marketplace for consulting assignments, strengthens its board with well-merited advisor and investor Anders Gratte. Anders Gratte has extensive experience of building companies in Sweden and Northern Europe. Previously, Anders founded and grew consulting agency Madeo and was Managing Director, Europe, at ZeroChaos.

– I am really pleased that Anders Gratte now reinforces Brainville’s board. With his strong drive, entrepreneurial background and long experience from the IT and consulting industries, Anders adds very valuable skills as well as a broad network that will benefit Brainville’s continued growth journey, says Jakob Cardell, Chairman of the Board at Brainville.

In 2018 Brainville’s turnover amounted to SEK 2.9 million. The company was founded in 2013, has 5 employees and approximately 25,000 consulting assignments are added and assigned annually via Brainville’s platform.

– Brainville is currently in an exciting growth phase and I look forward to contributing with my expertise in the company’s continued work. About 15,000 companies have already discovered the benefits of Brainville. The gig economy and the changing labour market have created needs for completely new and smarter services where sellers and buyers can meet and Brainville offers them exactly that – cost and hassle free, says Anders Gratte.

Anders Gratte’s career began at SEB as Director within Merchant Banking IT. After that, Anders founded the company Madeo, which mainly focused on brokering consultants. After running Madeo for 5 years, the company had grown to 2000 consultants and a turnover of SEK 2 billion. In 2011, ZeroChaos acquired Madeo and Anders took on the role as Managing Director, Europe, at ZeroChaos with the main purpose of continuing the expansion. When Anders left ZeroChaos in 2015, the European division’s sales amounted to approximately SEK 5 billion.

Anders Gratte was elected to the board at Brainville’s Annual General Meeting, held on May 29th 2019.

Anders Gratte’s CV is available at

Press material: 

For more information, please contact:
Jakob Cardell
Chairman of the Board, Brainville

This information was issued for publication on June 11, 2019, at 08:45 CEST.

15th May 2019

Det var frĂĄgan jag ställde mig dĂĄ jag nyligen blev inbjuden som intervjuobjekt till ett event där ämnet handlade om hur stora organisationer kan jobba mer agilt och innovativt. Eventets huvudnummer var Eric Ries – författare av omĂĄttligt populära “The Lean Startup”, som dokumenterar hur startups arbetar, och nyligen släppta “The Startup Way”, som handlar om hur större företag kan dra nytta av metodiken.

2nd May 2019

Konsultrapporten för andra halvåret 2018 är ute och har spritts till tusentals läsare. Gillade du den?

Om du gjorde det undrar vi nu om du känner någon som skulle kunna ha nytta av rapporten? Hjälp oss sprida den! Gilla, kommentera, dela eller tagga personer i vårt inlägg på LinkedIn så fler annonsörer, konsultbolag och frilansare kan få nytta av rapporten.

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