4th December 2019

Last week was not only what felt like the darkest one in Sweden this year, it also happened to be the week when we arranged the second meetup with our business network. This time, the meetup was arranged in collaboration with our friends at Wint and Nordnet. 

With keynote speakers such as Caroline Säisä and Ulrika Ahl from Wint,  Maja Ginsburg and Ashraf Habash from Anaspire as well as healthcare entrepreneur Victoria Boethius at Vegatus and Alexander Gustafsson from Nordnet, our guests were in for a packed evening! The event was fully booked and we’re delighted that so many also showed up, despite the weather of the day: pouring November rain (!).

Networking events tend to divide people into two groups: the ones who loves them, and the ones who dreads them.  Regardless of which group you feel most drawn to today, we presume that you might agree with us that as a freelance business owner, networking is not really optional. Rather, getting out every now and then to meet and greet ought to be an integrated part of your business. 

But how do you crack the mingle code then? Well, based on our study of all the brave entrepreneurs, speakers and curious consultants we met up with last week, there are several ways of doing this. With December and all its mingles coming up, we decided to compile a quick list with a few tips!

Here you go, ready to be applied at once – here’s 3 survival tactics for your next business mingle: 

1. Be prepared so that you can be your best you. And no, with that we don’t mean that you need to upgrade your whole wardrobe or get a haircut prior to a mingle. However, making sure you feel good is a great way to ensure that you won’t be focusing on your looks during the evening. Instead of considering if that piece of lettuce is stuck between your teeth or if your shirt is smelly, you will be able to relax and actually focusing on who’s in front of you. 

2. Getting too many questions and starting to feel uncomfortable? Need a little breathing break? We hear you. 

If it’s been a while since you were “out and about”, talking about yourself can feel exhausting and overwhelming.

“I’m sorry, I feel like we got caught up now only talking about me. Please, I’m curious to find out about you/what you said about X earlier. Tell me more, what does it mean to work with X./how did you end up doing this/ when did you decide to pursue X/who are you teaming up with…“.

See what we mean? Be honest about your need to shift focus for a while, then immediately take the lead as well. Remember, you can always use this classic phrase when you need to turn things around!

Then, of course adapt your follow up questions based on the current situation. The examples above are just to give you a few ideas on how to get started. 

3. Clear goals for your networking efforts. Set up goals based on who YOU are. Not based on what your bestie or sales team would do. 

Is it a really bad day but you can’t postpone? Well, perhaps a suitable goal for today may be to just show up and talk to a maximum of three people? If you know there will be an important connection at your mingle, then focus mainly on that person. Connect in any way that comes natural to you. Thanks to all digital solutions today, following up has never been easier.

Natural born networker? Then you don’t need our advice above, but perhaps it’s time you challenged yourself even more. What could you do to improve yourself? Maybe you could lend a social hand to someone nervous you meet and help him or her to relax a bit?

What’s your best networking tips? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment below and let us now. 

Last but not least, in case you missed our mingle last week, new meetups for freelance consultants are coming up next year! Sign up for Brainville and our newsletter and we’ll let you know when the next one will be 🙂 

All the best and good luck with your December efforts 😉

/Your friends at Brainville

The rate difference between seller and buyer in Brainville keeps decreasing
23rd September 2021

The rate difference between buyers and sellers of our most common roles in Brainville continues to decrease.

In fact, it has decreased by 71 % since H1 2019.

We hope that we’re part of the explanation as to why this decrease is happening. Konsultrapporten aims to bring transparency (yeah, a cliché we know) to the freelance and consulting market.

Web frameworks sorted by demand in Brainville
22nd September 2021

Has jQuery become something that everyone should know – or is it dying?

In the image you can see the web frameworks that are most in demand in Brainville. To our surprise React didn’t top the list – ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core did, and by quite a wide margin.

Is jQuery considered a core skill that you don’t even need to mention in assignment texts? In Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2021 it was number two, which seems more reasonable, though, the number of blogs proclaiming it’s decline is quite large.

The demand for Python in Brainville - infographic
21st September 2021

The demand for people with knowledge in the programming language Python is growing pretty fast in the Nordics – check out this infographic based on data from Brainville.

Have you checked out the full version of Konsultrapporten? We’ve added infographics about common roles in Brainville. Login to get your copy!

Cloud tech demand in Brainville
20th September 2021

The demand for cloud tech in the Nordics in Brainville in the first half of 2021 and the global market shares according to Stack Overflow’s 2021 developer survey have some considerable discrepancies.

As you can see in the image, Azure is the most tagged tech in assignment texts in Brainville, followed by AWS.

Want to know more? Login and read Konsultrapporten!

Programming languages - sorted by demand
10th September 2021

Which programming language du you prefer and why?

In the image, and in the latest issue of Konsultrapporten, you can read about the most sought after programming languages in Brainville. According to Stack Overflow, the most loved language of all is Rust. It barely made the list here.

Which do you prefer or like or even love? Comment on LinkedIn! ❤️

And yeah, we know… HTML/CSS is not per se a programming language. 😀

Best job posting quality H1 2021
7th September 2021

🏆 Top-10 “Best job posting quality in the Nordics H1 2021”:

  1. A Society
  2. Biolit
  3. Randstad Sweden
  4. Accuro ApS
  5. 4Real AB
  6. Tingent
  7. Nikita AB
  8. Techfactory
  9. Wise IT
  10. House of Skills Sverige

Making sure that the assignments you publish are informative also makes it easier for matching freelancers and consultants to find them. That makes it win-win, since you spend less time answering applications and questions that don’t fit.

This list is based on the almost 20.000 assignments that were published Brainville in 2021.

Want to know more about the market? Check out the new issue of “Konsultrapporten”! Login to Brainville and get your copy. If you’re a Premium member you get an even more thorough report!

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Top-10: Largest Consultant Providers in the Nordics H1 2021
6th September 2021

🏆 Top-10 “Largest consultant providers in the Nordics H1 2021”:

  1. Ework Group
  2. AFRY
  3. ProData Consult
  5. Upgraded People AB
  6. Enmanskonsulterna
  7. Sverek Bemanning
  8. Centric
  9. Finitec Oy
  10. Nexer Group

This list is based on the almost 20.000 assignments that were published Brainville in 2021.

Want to know more about the market? Check out the new issue of “Konsultrapporten”! Login to Brainville and get your copy. If you’re a Premium member you get an even more thorough report!

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Konsultrapporten H1 2021
1st September 2021

Minskade restriktioner, vaccinframgångar och välfungerade distansarbete bidrar till nytt framtidshopp bland konsultmarknadens aktörer. Efter en svajig inledning på konsultåret syns nu en kraftigt ökad efterfrågan på konsulter – antalet uppdrag ökade med 40 procent under det första halvåret 2021. Det är säljarnas marknad, både i Sverige och övriga Norden. 

Konsultmarknadsplatsen Brainville har för åttonde gången granskat den nordiska konsultmarknaden. Resultaten presenteras idag i Konsultrapporten H1 2021 som finns tillgänglig för nedladdning när du loggat in.

 – Nu ser vi ett rejält uppsving vad gäller antalet lediga konsultuppdrag. Utbudet av uppdrag har ökat kraftigt med drygt 40 procent fler lediga uppdrag än förra halvåret. Trenden är densamma både i Sverige och i övriga Norden och framför allt märks ett starkt sug efter utvecklare. Pandemin är givetvis långt ifrån över än, men företag och organisationer vill och behöver trots osäkerheterna ändå planera resurser och blicka framåt i sina verksamheter, säger Manuel de Verdier, vd för Brainville. 

Bland halvårets siffror finns även indikationer på att distansarbetet etablerat sig som ett synnerligen normalt inslag på arbetsmarknaden. Drygt 20 procent av uppdragen på Brainville under det första halvåret var distansuppdrag. Det kan jämföras med att andelen distansuppdrag innan pandemin utgjorde knappt en procent av uppdragen på Brainville. 

– Förmodligen är det vi ser nu någon form av glädjerusning efter konsulter, när man tror sig ana pandemins slut så småningom. Minskade restriktioner, i kombination med allt fler vaccinerade och numera väletablerade och välfungerande rutiner för distansarbete, bidrar helt klart till en känsla av mera normalitet och stabilitet på marknaden, säger Manuel de Verdier. 

Kort om Konsultrapporten
Konsultrapporten publiceras två gånger per år. Konsultrapporten H1 2021 är baserad på faktiska uppdrag som publicerats på Brainvilles plattform, uppmätta och rapporterade under det första halvåret 2021. Under det första halvåret fanns det cirka 18 000 bolag registrerade på Brainville och det publicerades konsultuppdrag i Sverige till ett totalt värde om 20 MDR SEK. Under helåret 2020 publicerades konsultuppdrag i Norden till ett totalt värde om 25 MDR SEK.

Konsultrapporten H1 2021
31st August 2021

Konsultrapporten – the most popular report on the freelance and consulting industry in the Nordics, we dare say – is back with a new issue!

Trends, statistics, infographics, interviews – if you want to know more about the market, login to Brainville and get your copy now! If you’re a Premium member you get an even more thorough report.

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Vad vill du läsa i Konsultrapporten?
15th June 2021

Vad är du mest nyfiken på vad gäller den Nordiska frilans- och konsultmarknaden?

Är det speciella kunskaper eller tekniker som börjar trendiga eller otrendiga? Är det prisskillnader mellan olika delar av Norden? Frågan är öppen – alla tips är varmt välkomna och undersöks när vi börjar djupdyka i vår data strax!

Passa på att kommentera vårt inlägg på LinkedIn med vad som just du tycker är intressant! Passa även på att tagga folk som kan vara intresserade av att ställa frågor till oss.